I am a fairly private person when it comes to my thinking. I prefer to talk about the other person in a conversation. Writing this blog is actually pretty terrifying, but it is something I feel I want to do so I’m trying to be brave enough to put myself out there.

These collection of posts are an attempt to pull together different concepts and thoughts I have had and continue to synthesise. I think a lot about ideas and try to read and ingest as much different information as I can. I’m not a great reader but read a lot anyway, I really enjoy it. These thoughts are my own but the ideas are not, they are concepts I have put together through a lot of reading and thinking.

Some of the posts here will seem really basic, others are a bit out there. Some are accepted wisdom, others are contrarian. I try to think as objectively as I can and see what ideas resonate with me and what I view in the world. Here I will work through them in posts and hope my writing skills improve along the way!

I am still learning new things and the concepts here I try to follow in my own life, but the last thing I want you to take from this is that I follow these all the time or that they are all 100% gospel. I try to follow them but am imperfect. I may even at a later date discover through experience that I’ve changed my mind on some things, that is part of iterative and truthful thinking. If this occurs I will let you know.

These ideas and concepts are how I work, live my life and think about things. They have helped me have some modest success so far in business and I hope they help you too. Please take what you find to be true and useful and discard the rest, perhaps from disagreeing with my points you will better synthesise your own.

Looking forward to meeting you and learning from you. Keep in touch