My Dad started making pottery when I was young. I assume this was to help manage the stress of a tough job. Down at the local Arts Centre he would make cups and pots and plates and all sorts of things. My brother and I were in awe. But looking back, his work at the beginning was average – poorly shapen and decorated.

Like most things however, he stuck at it with a dogged determination. Years passed and our shed turned into what Mum called “The Studio”; she supported him in his craft. The culmination of his efforts took place in leafy Warrandyte, where the family attended an exibition. For the first time Dad’s pieces were sold to the public. They truly were worthy.

I hope to do the same, to stick at this and see it through. To improve every week. To solidify some ideas and thoughts and put them out into the world. I am fairly private in my thoughts, though i’ve always wanted to try and share more. This is me stepping out and doing so.

I plan to write about ideas and interesting things once a week. However I think plans, whilst helpful, are mostly unreliable. With new endeavours, I believe you need to let them guide you in a way. I’m nervous but excited. See you next week.

7 thoughts on “Pottery

  1. Indeed our ideas are like pottery, taking shape and character with every iteration.

    This is a beautiful comparison! 🙂


  2. Lucidity is your strong suit. This simple style of yours will make you go a long way. I am touched by the generational arc you trace between your own writing endeavors and your father’s artistic acme. By God, you will succeed and just keep on churning thoughts.


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